Thursday, September 22, 2005

Hail to the Redskins....NOT

Folks, I apologize for this post, but with me on here, it was only a matter of time before I posted about a sporting event. I know my timing is off, but its been a long week and well, I'm tired. I happened to attend this past Monday night's fiasco of a football game in Dallas. I am a Cowboys
fan. I can say that out loud...depending on where I'm standing at the time. The Redskins won and I can accept that. Game 2 in the season is not a big deal to me. Starting out 1-1, not bad. Winning a game in the last 5 minutes is what makes sports exciting. (I'm glad I was out of the stadium and on my way to the car and didn't have to actually "see" it.....except for the 500 times they've played it on ESPN and every local news channel.) I have two issues (okay, we all know there are more than that, but this is regarding the topic at hand):

First, there were the Redskins fans in DFW Tuesday morning, well mostly just the one that annoyed me. While sitting at my gate there were a few guys hanging out clad in their burgundy and gold, quietly waiting for the flight back to DC. You know in their minds, they were the happiest mofos on earth and rightly so. Their shitty little grins said as much. Next, there was the crew of 5 guys in Redskins gear walking through the concourse yelling "good morning Dallas, good morning". Okay, even that was actually funny. But for one of these guys to proceed to insult every person waiting at my gate who just happened to have Cowboys gear on? I can see a little joking about the game or whatever, but to get downright nasty? To continually drop the F bomb? THIS is what gives Redskins fans a bad name. To top it off he was going off and rather loudly on how HIS team won and this was HIS day? This is where I get all Lloyd Dobbler on him and say "DUDE, YOU MUST CHILL". YOUR Redskins? YOUR day? Whatever. You suck.

I do have to add this note: Elaine and I were at the Cowboys ProShop at the Galleria on Monday afternoon checking out the goods. The store is packed with people loading up for the game and some dude walks in and starts singing "Hail to the Redskins"....sang the whole friggin song. Everyone was laughing! Now THAT was funny!)

Secondly and probably the thing that is bugging me the most are the local sportswriters. To actually suggest that because they are 2-0 the Skins of old are back??? Thomas Boswell writes"One victory is far too little to construct playoff hopes upon. But teams require inspiration to fuel them. And 64-year-old legendary coaches, when they come out of retirement, need
new miracles to convince another generation that both their charisma and their methodology still have permanent power." What exactly is this guy smoking, cause I want some! Are these guys watching the same team I am? The one with a good defense and a poor excuse for an offense? Until Monday night, they didn't even know that Brunell could throw the ball, let alone
complete 2 long bombs for 2 TDs!!! Luckily they have a receiver like Santana Moss to catch that ball. (Who I have on my fantasy team and had on the bench!) I get so sick of the people who write about sports in this area being so on again off again about their teams, especially when it comes to the Skins. (Kornheiser does get one thing right when he says "Bandwagon") If they were 0-2 they'd want Joe Gibbs fired. Now they're 2-0 and he's back to being a genius. The only good thing about Joe Gibbs right now is his NASCAR team.

I will close with this. I'll always be a Cowboys fan....been one forever, why stop now....however, if they manage to lose another game like they did on Monday, or should I say, if they GIVE AWAY another game, the only bandwagon I'm jumping on is that of the Black and Gold...go Stillers.

Note: The opinions of the author are exactly that...the opinions of the author. The rest of the folks on this blog, except Elaine probably completely disagree with everything that was said in this post.

Let the comments begin........


At 10:04 AM, Blogger Kayla said...

I advised against this post, but since you gave the disclaimer (and to each his own) I will still be your friend. ;)... The funny thing is, I remember being at a skins game a few years back and being surrounded by obnoxious, loud, rude, foul cowboys fans... I mean, so bad that the poor dad with his 10 year old son sitting behind us actually got up and left. So, i think it is fair to say that for each team, there are shitty fans. (at Veterans Stadium 4 guys started yelling at me once - during a skins game - I was wearing NO skins garb and just waiting in line for a beer... talk about ugly).... I am also a fan of Tony Kornheiser (and Michael Wilbon for that matter) - so I can't judge there. We all know the real problem with the skins is the one and only Daniel Snyder (I cannot believe you didn't mention him). I grew up here, have been a skins fan (through more bad than good) for my whole life. Most seasons start on a high note, end on an extremely low note and we have to retreat with our tails between our legs. We hate the Cowboys - it's rivalry baby. Allow us our moment to gloat.

Fight on, Fight on.. Til you have won.. sons of Washington... Rah Rah Rah...

At 10:18 AM, Blogger I-66 said...

Just out of curiousity, of what "bad name" do you speak as refers to Redskins fans?

At 10:55 AM, Blogger Berk said...

No room on the Steeler bandwagon for fairweather fans.

At 11:07 AM, Blogger Berk said...

The dude dropping F-bombs at DFW... it wasn't Mr. Snyder, by chance, was it?

THAT would be classic!

At 1:11 PM, Blogger MMH said...

I'd rather not mention the "bad names" when referring to the Skins fans of whom I speak.

and to Berk I say...unless Mr. Snyder is now a 6'tall (and then some) black man, no, it was not him. Snyder was in his private plane cursing, no where near the common folk flying out of DFW.

At 1:56 PM, Blogger I-66 said...

I ask because nationwide the premier horrible fan reputation belongs to that of Philadelphia - and more specifically the Eagles. Perhaps I should have been more specific:

What have Redskins fans done that would give them a bad name?

At 1:09 PM, Blogger Randy Bobbitt said...

Oh yeah... cause DALLAS fans are so quiet and humble... just admit that it hurts... it does... I've felt your paint before.. BUT NOT TODAY SISTER... and no, this does not mean that our team is back. It's kind of like a one night stand, yes, true it means nothing in the long term, but in the short term in feels REALLY GOOD!


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