Monday, September 12, 2005

Good Cause = Good Time!!!

Okay, so I have been avoiding a posting since my suggestion of Tony & Joe's got ragged on so badly. I will have you naysayers know that it was actually a good time. I too am wary of the waterfront and the kind of crowd it attracts...but it was a beautiful evening and I was with friends, so a good time was had by all. (The bar was not crowded which helped.)

But now, onto this week's happy hour. My friend Ross (aquaintance from flag football) is having a happy hour at the Clarendon Grille. He volunteers with homeless children and the happy hour is really a fundraiser for them.

And exerpt from his email: "What is it for....What will it cost ask......Well, this is the great thing. Not only will you get FREE food and a choice of SIX BEERS each costing only $1.50....yes.....ONE DOLLAR & FIFTY CENTS.....BUT, there's more.....celebrity appearances by Redskins and Wizards, Redskin Dream Tickets, Neiman Marcus gift baskets, Lacoste Clothing (too many other thingsto list), and a lot of fun. NO, not Pabst Blue Ribbon.......Sierra Nevada, Foggy Bottom, Y-Ling, MillerLite, Bud,& Bud Lite. "

So join me at the Grille this Thursday from 6-9 for a good cause and to get the Girls With Drinks back out on the town. Oh yeah, and Ross asks that everyone give a $10 donation at the door. ALL money raised is going to the charity, so its a good time for a good cause!!!


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